Felted Necklaces

I'm working on a modern felted necklace for my lovely little niece. Waaaay back when I picked up my felting kit I had made a couple of hot pink balls and hung onto them. Since I'm trying to use up all my materials as I tackle each of my unfinished projects, I wanted to put the balls to use, and decided upon a simple necklace. 

It's a nice change of pace after working on insects, dinos and shrooms. Since I was in a necklace mindset, I popped over to Etsy to pick up some felted necklace inspiration. Here is a quick roundup of 5 beautiful felted necklaces I came across. 

1. Simple Balls in a calming cool palette by Natalie J Designs
2. Two Biggies by More M Design

3. Just in time for Halloween or anytime, a fiery red and black one from Plim Plim Boutique
4. Love this mixed felt and textile necklace from JiaKuma
5. And lastly, large rainbow links from HandiCraftKate

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to check in with progress on my necklace. Perhaps it will even be finished!