Days 26-31 – The Final Countdown

I'll keep it short and sweet. Today was the last day of the challenge. I can't gush enough about how much I enjoyed this challenge – the prompts, the supportive community, the nudging me to spend time sketching everyday. It definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and created a new habit I intend to continue.

I'm excited to turn to my own subject matter, hone my hand and my style but also to start a new project for the month of February. Actually, it will be 2 projects this next month! Alongside sketching as often as I can – and marathon training. Eeps, I'm going to be busy. Good busy.

Here are the last of the entries: shells, lamps, salt & pepper, sun, bee & telephone. 

Days 20-25 – Creative Bug 31 Day Drawing Challenge

My penultimate post on the Creative Bug 31 Day Drawing Challenge. Sigh. I'm going to miss these daily prompts. At first, I was worried about the subject matters not being what I would naturally gravitate towards but in fact, the prompts have been perfect. They've pushed me beyond my comfort zone and helped broaden my perspective. 

For instance, we had paintbrushes one day. How fun could that be? It turned out, I enjoyed meditating on form, line, detail and composition and ended up really enjoying that exercise. And I continue to be wholly amazed at the other artists and the supportive community this challenge has introduced to me. 

Here's fork, cactus, paintbrush, spice jar, houseplant, boots and sea shell. Only 6 more to go!

Days 15-20 Creative Bug 31 Day Drawing Challenge

5 more days and 5 more drawings. The days are clicking by – sometime the subject matter is easy in that ideas come easily. Other days it's been challenging. I have been so impressed and inspired by what the other participants have drawn. Man, the bar has really been raised. People are posting the most beautiful, colorful, intricate drawings. Boy, oh boy. If you wanted to check it out use the hashtag #cbdrawaday and you'll see what I mean. 

I'm sticking to about 30-40 minutes of drawing, mostly in black and pushing myself on overall composition or concept. My drawings are still totally wonky but this is becoming a habit I would like to try to keep up. Perhaps not every day but maybe a quick doodle one day and a longer sketch another day. 

Today is day 21 and we drew cacti. Only 10 days left!

Days 11-15 Daily Drawing Challenge

This week we've drawn brooms, tulips, owls, ferns and watches. I think my favorite was the ferns although owls are pretty fun too. I was surprised by the ferns which seemed like such a mundane thing to draw. I embraced it, leaned in and my sweet Fern came out it. The watch challenge was super rushed and sloppy but fun nonetheless. Each challenge I have a moment of, "ugh, this is gonna be hard." But once I dive in, it's fun to get lost in the time and not worry if stuff is coming out super wonky. And so inspiring to see what the other artists are up to on Instagram too. #dailydrawingchallenge

Almost halfway through!