Updates – Sort Of

Sadly, no embroidery updates. I'm almost finished with my sampler! And I did do another cross-stitch version of my son (one to go!). I do want to embroider one final project though and not sure how I will accomplish that in the remaining 2 weeks of April. 

I have a few ideas for future embroidery projects but I need to move onto sewing and my May project. The time is moving too quickly in combination with marathon training, family, freelance and illustration exploration. Alas, I'll have to nip embroidery in the bud and come back for more later. I have enjoyed learning more about the craft, what's possible, various stitches. As I've gone through 7 months of my Make Good Year I've realized the hobbies I most enjoy seem to involve needles. Those are the ones I can see carrying on after the year is over.

Also no sewing updates. Fabric is washed and ironed but haven't had the time to start. Soon...soon...

Now for the good news! I do have new illustration explorations though! Check 'em out:

Balloon Animals

One little idea in my sketchbook I kept coming back to was the idea of animals being carried off by balloon animal versions of themselves. Kinda weird but also kinda poetic and whimsical. I decided to bring the idea to fruition and use it to start to practice with gouache. While I certainly have a lot to learn when it comes to gouache, it was fun to see these critters come to life. Someday I might re-illustrate them in vector or even repaint them once my skills are a bit more polished. In any case, the thought it out there for now, onto the next.